East Campus is supplied

with chilled water by three chillers located in the East Campus utility plant. An increase in chilled water demand has led the university to install a Thermal Energy Storage system. The TES improves the use of existing chillers by storing energy in the form of chilled water for use during peak demand times, when the cost of energy is much higher.

The installation of the TES began in March 2011 and is located north of the East Campus Loop and west of 38th Street. The project is expected to be complete in May of 2012 and operating by June.

UNL expects to see a decrease in electrical demand costs by $250,000 per year, which can be applied to other energy conservation projects. The university will see a reduction of about 4,000 tons of CO2 if the TES can be connected to an LES wind farm.

The TES project will seamlessly integrate into the existing campus chilled water system, minimizing operating and maintenance costs associated with the chilled water needs of UNL's East Campus.