Many, but not all, Building Systems Maintenance (BSM) activities are funded by the BSM operating account. When new buildings are erected, budget requests are submitted to fund various operating expenses including utilities, custodial support, landscape services and building systems maintenance. The budgets requested have not always been fully funded. Various budget reductions have also diminished the resources for maintaining building systems. BSM utilizes the funds available to support the maintenance activities highest on the hierarchy and working down as funds allow. Departments will be notified if a service they have requested requires a requisition for departmental funding.

Departmentally Funded Services
Departments may requisition and fund BSM services for:

  • Maintenance services which are not funded on the BSM maintenance hierarchy
  • Service to departmentally owned equipment
  • Minor building modifications such as additional electrical outlets or connections
  • Estimates. Estimating fees will be reimbursed for all projects that are eventually funded and completed